Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

What I do at Holiday 
               Okay, let’s begin the school days again. Before first day the school began and I got a holiday.
I thing I spent the holiday wisely. I did not spend my time to some fun palace however I doing a fun activities.
Some time I am running around my neighborhood and freed my cat. 
               I do not really like going to some place that too far from my house.
Because I prefer to stay at house or going to some place around my house it happen. 
I thing if I going to some place that too far it will be costly.
I prefer to spend my money for buy some useful item.
 I don’t know what I need I am just buy a lot of stuff  that I thing will be very use.
 So I thing you can call me stuff hoarders. 
                Some time I sell my stuff  again and some time I keep it for a long time.
I also doing a trip not too far from my house.
I always calculate that the trip not to far.
Just like this, I leave the house at the morning I will arrive at the house before 12:00 PM. 
Because I am not want wasting my money for a hotel or a motel also my parents allow me to stay at hotel alone. 
                I did not enter a tourist attraction, I am just ride along.
 And enjoy the view and stopped when I see a great stuff or great food for me and for my family at home 

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