Rabu, 03 Mei 2017

Some Free Game That Good For Your Brain


The Question for Crossword


1.       The light that consist of many colors which contains radiation of  more than one wavelength is called … light.
2.       One of island where Borobudur was built…
3.       One of the strongest metal that used for helicopter propeller blade (atomic number: 22)…
4.       Synonym of equal or something  which has same quantity called…
5.       Someone who works in hospital to help the doctor…
6.       The creator of this universe…
7.       Synonym of cover…
8.       I don’t have any … to answer this.
9.       Extra money you give to the waiter/waitress…
10.    One of the flower which you give to your Girlfriend/Boyfriend…
11.    Something in electric tools to deliver the electricity to the tool


1.       We need a … for sewing or weaving.
2.       Synonym of occupation...
3.       If you cry you will produce…
4.       The opposite of hard (adjective).
5.       One of a CPU manufacturer.
6.       An organ in bird which used to fly.
7.       I … him to bring my phone.
8.       Name of meals from cow.
9.       A breakfast menu from bread.
10.    You can’t make a call if your phone is in airplane …
11.    Battle between two nation because one of these nation is invading the other nation.
12.    I’ve been waiting here for 6 ...
13.    A tool to cut down a tree...
14.    A place where you can see many animals.
15.    You will … if you try to drink poison.
16.    A little space between two thing called…

Selasa, 25 April 2017


Hallo, Asalamualaikum wr.wb
Today I will create some example about compliment 

First sample Compliment
once upon a time there was a girl that felt So bored she thought “ I want hangout this weekend  with my best  friend.” So Annie want to make a compliment with her best friend Marine.  

At morning that time 

Annie : (Annie is calling Marine manor) Asalamualakum, excuse me mom can I  speak to Marine 
Marine’s mother : sure you can. Just wait a minutes.
Marine : Hallo Annie do you want me to accompany you to hangout at the weekend?
Annie : You’re truly my best friend, I really like you. How do you know it?
Marine : ahh.Thanks, It just my felling so where will we go?
Annie : just now, I found a great place for our picnic it is a land of grass with a lake on the side.
Marine : okay I can’t wait to go there. 
Annie : Me too so, are you free at the seven morning?
Marine : It is too morning Annie the weather might be to cool. Why not on nine?
Annie : Sure nine will be perfect, I will bring the food and you will bring the juice. I always like your juice.
Marine : I am glad you like it. Okay, see you tomorrow. 

Selasa, 04 April 2017

     Hello guys!  Today I am going to tell you about one of my school event at SMAN 3 Bandung. I like this event because it’s very fun. The event called “ Dewa Athena “ and it is about sport tournament that  all of us have to join. The event hold every Saturday from two weeks ago till Saturday this week.

     There were many sports that they held. It was very fun. But unfortunately our class didn’t win any sports. But didn’t worry about it because we still fun. That was the most important part for us.
“ Tarik Tambang “ is one of sports that I join. At that time we were going to the yard that was very hot that day. At the yard we saw some rope that looks very strong till I had think “ can we cut this rope?” anyway we have prepared for this sport. We gave some flour to our hand and we went to our side and ready to pull the rope. At first round we lost. My arm very hurt because I held the rope at strong I can. It very weird because we won at second round, but before we continued the second round we got some few minutes for took a rest. Then after we got some rest we went to enemy side for change the place.

     So I had think maybe we can win this sport. And for the last we had to change the place again for last round. So we change the place and got ready for the third round. At that round the destiny said NO. Finally we lost the sport and we got tired and a little bit disappointed. So we took some rest and prepare to went to BAZAR to ate something. At that moment we met we our friend from accelerated classes he said” That the land is slightly sloping. So I think maybe that the reason we lost. There are many sports that held but “ Tarik Tambang” is my best moment. 

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature
Patrick Endres / Design Pics / Getty Images

Hello everyone asalamualaikum, I just want to tell you that my mood is very good today. So I hope it helps me to create a great story. Today I want to tell some stories about “Learning from nature.” But I will tell you how I have  got this mood. It happened when I bought a steel wire. I thought this was a kind of miracle from my god ALLAH S.W.T. At that time, I was very stress because I couldn’t imagine how much wire that I must buy because there were  few problems. I didn’t know how many friends that ordered the wire to me and I didn’t know the size of every wire for each person. So I bought a few wire based on my feeling. But at the night a lot of my friends ordered the wire and I thought it sold out. 

Okay now I will tell you about my other experiences. It links each other by learning from nature. I have ever heard that “nature is the best teacher.” For me, anything can be a teacher as a great teacher graduated from famous university. Even “ tukang becak” can be a teacher, so does nature.

If you hear the sounds from nature, not only  with your ears but also your feeling,  you will know how beautiful nature is. And I think you have to know that nature needs us and we need nature. We can use nature as our teacher. We can patten nature Like we can be as stronger as elephant, as smart as a fox or care each other as ants. Now, let’s take a look to ants. They always greet each other each time they meet so I think that I want to be like them. I want to  care to the others and I want to be kind to everyone I meet. 

Sometimes we have to open our mind. It means we have to know the situation around us. It just likes nature always looks beautiful every time every situation. It always makes us feel comfort, light, or free. So that's why sometimes people on big cities want to get a vacation to the countryside,  jungle or farm. It is because they want to be closer to nature, they want refresh their mind. However, they not only get clear mind but also get other things after their vacation.

So that's why we become a person like that, a person who looks like nature. Maybe you are right that being that person is not easy as you say. Just don’t worry we can do that if we have the intention to change. We can try it slowly with some steps. but we have never tired to try.

Nature is the best quality of art. I am pretty sure that it's true, because nature is a God's creation and He is a master of everything. It’s why nature looks very beautiful. It's the reason why some times designers or architects use a nature as their inspiration. A house which looks like a tree or a car which looks like a bug’s face. Art is not  about a painting or a statue but there are a lot of think to describe art but this point I consider art It’s our life. How we eat, how we sit, or how we sleep it’s an art. 

Like maybe how we eat I said it's an art, imagine art it’s something that nice to see so your table there is a plate with a cut of beef with a dark brown colour and a white rice so you will take a red apple or another brown beef ? So I think you should have to take the red apple so it is more nice to see than if you take other beef. Beside, it is nicer, more artistic and it is better for your health. So that's why we have to be artistic and we can learn it from nature. 

Now for close this article I will persuade you to learn from nature “ Let's be a better person, for us and for people around us, shall we?


Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

What I do at Holiday 
               Okay, let’s begin the school days again. Before first day the school began and I got a holiday.
I thing I spent the holiday wisely. I did not spend my time to some fun palace however I doing a fun activities.
Some time I am running around my neighborhood and freed my cat. 
               I do not really like going to some place that too far from my house.
Because I prefer to stay at house or going to some place around my house it happen. 
I thing if I going to some place that too far it will be costly.
I prefer to spend my money for buy some useful item.
 I don’t know what I need I am just buy a lot of stuff  that I thing will be very use.
 So I thing you can call me stuff hoarders. 
                Some time I sell my stuff  again and some time I keep it for a long time.
I also doing a trip not too far from my house.
I always calculate that the trip not to far.
Just like this, I leave the house at the morning I will arrive at the house before 12:00 PM. 
Because I am not want wasting my money for a hotel or a motel also my parents allow me to stay at hotel alone. 
                I did not enter a tourist attraction, I am just ride along.
 And enjoy the view and stopped when I see a great stuff or great food for me and for my family at home 

Selasa, 08 November 2016


Henry Moseley.jpg

Henry Gwyn Jefferys Moseley he is a son of Anabel Gwyn Jefferys Moseley he was born at 23 November 1887 Weymout, Dosert, England. Mosley was the British physicist. The main contribution to science is the justification of the concept of atomic number, advanced chemistry. He also success to created periodic table of element, that we still use till now. he had graduated from University of Oxford and continued his study to University of Manchester and worked together with Ernest Rutherford. when the wold war begun he was join the British Army. unfortunately he was kill by Turkey sniper by bullet on his head.

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

Hasil gambar untuk wild siberian husky

Siberian Husky 

Siberian Husky is a medium size dog. That originated in north-eastern Siberia Russia. This dog maybe looks like a wolf. May also expected to occur as a result of natural crosses. It has A thick and blue eyes. Siberian Husky male wight around 20-27 kilos. it very tame event to people that unfamiliar. Siberian Husky is strong to cold. It is able to withstand temperatures as low as −50 to −60 °C (−58 to −76 °F). The most common coats are black and white, then less common copper-red and white, grey and white, pure white.This amazing dog In 1909, for the first time this dog was brought to Alaska to compete in the distance across Alaska.That's where physical endurance and speed of the Siberian Husky is becoming known.

The Question 
1. Where Siberian Husky original Habitat ? 

2. What make Siberian Husky be famous?
a. His run
b. His physical
c. His haunting Skill
d. His fur
e. His tame

3. How cold Siberian Husky can Survive?
a. −50 to −60 °F
b. −58 to −76 °F
c. −58 to −76 °C
d. −48 to −76 °C
e. −40 to −60 °F

4. Why Siberian Husky was brought to Alaska?
a. To join a race 
b. To proved his speed 
c. To help sick people 
d. To help the transportation 
e. for farmed

5. Why Siberian Husky can survive from cold?
a. Because it has thick fur
b. Because it has a lot of fat
c. Because it looks like wolf
d. Because his physical endurance
e. Because his size