Selasa, 25 April 2017


Hallo, Asalamualaikum wr.wb
Today I will create some example about compliment 

First sample Compliment
once upon a time there was a girl that felt So bored she thought “ I want hangout this weekend  with my best  friend.” So Annie want to make a compliment with her best friend Marine.  

At morning that time 

Annie : (Annie is calling Marine manor) Asalamualakum, excuse me mom can I  speak to Marine 
Marine’s mother : sure you can. Just wait a minutes.
Marine : Hallo Annie do you want me to accompany you to hangout at the weekend?
Annie : You’re truly my best friend, I really like you. How do you know it?
Marine : ahh.Thanks, It just my felling so where will we go?
Annie : just now, I found a great place for our picnic it is a land of grass with a lake on the side.
Marine : okay I can’t wait to go there. 
Annie : Me too so, are you free at the seven morning?
Marine : It is too morning Annie the weather might be to cool. Why not on nine?
Annie : Sure nine will be perfect, I will bring the food and you will bring the juice. I always like your juice.
Marine : I am glad you like it. Okay, see you tomorrow. 

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