Selasa, 04 April 2017

     Hello guys!  Today I am going to tell you about one of my school event at SMAN 3 Bandung. I like this event because it’s very fun. The event called “ Dewa Athena “ and it is about sport tournament that  all of us have to join. The event hold every Saturday from two weeks ago till Saturday this week.

     There were many sports that they held. It was very fun. But unfortunately our class didn’t win any sports. But didn’t worry about it because we still fun. That was the most important part for us.
“ Tarik Tambang “ is one of sports that I join. At that time we were going to the yard that was very hot that day. At the yard we saw some rope that looks very strong till I had think “ can we cut this rope?” anyway we have prepared for this sport. We gave some flour to our hand and we went to our side and ready to pull the rope. At first round we lost. My arm very hurt because I held the rope at strong I can. It very weird because we won at second round, but before we continued the second round we got some few minutes for took a rest. Then after we got some rest we went to enemy side for change the place.

     So I had think maybe we can win this sport. And for the last we had to change the place again for last round. So we change the place and got ready for the third round. At that round the destiny said NO. Finally we lost the sport and we got tired and a little bit disappointed. So we took some rest and prepare to went to BAZAR to ate something. At that moment we met we our friend from accelerated classes he said” That the land is slightly sloping. So I think maybe that the reason we lost. There are many sports that held but “ Tarik Tambang” is my best moment. 

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