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Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature
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Hello everyone asalamualaikum, I just want to tell you that my mood is very good today. So I hope it helps me to create a great story. Today I want to tell some stories about “Learning from nature.” But I will tell you how I have  got this mood. It happened when I bought a steel wire. I thought this was a kind of miracle from my god ALLAH S.W.T. At that time, I was very stress because I couldn’t imagine how much wire that I must buy because there were  few problems. I didn’t know how many friends that ordered the wire to me and I didn’t know the size of every wire for each person. So I bought a few wire based on my feeling. But at the night a lot of my friends ordered the wire and I thought it sold out. 

Okay now I will tell you about my other experiences. It links each other by learning from nature. I have ever heard that “nature is the best teacher.” For me, anything can be a teacher as a great teacher graduated from famous university. Even “ tukang becak” can be a teacher, so does nature.

If you hear the sounds from nature, not only  with your ears but also your feeling,  you will know how beautiful nature is. And I think you have to know that nature needs us and we need nature. We can use nature as our teacher. We can patten nature Like we can be as stronger as elephant, as smart as a fox or care each other as ants. Now, let’s take a look to ants. They always greet each other each time they meet so I think that I want to be like them. I want to  care to the others and I want to be kind to everyone I meet. 

Sometimes we have to open our mind. It means we have to know the situation around us. It just likes nature always looks beautiful every time every situation. It always makes us feel comfort, light, or free. So that's why sometimes people on big cities want to get a vacation to the countryside,  jungle or farm. It is because they want to be closer to nature, they want refresh their mind. However, they not only get clear mind but also get other things after their vacation.

So that's why we become a person like that, a person who looks like nature. Maybe you are right that being that person is not easy as you say. Just don’t worry we can do that if we have the intention to change. We can try it slowly with some steps. but we have never tired to try.

Nature is the best quality of art. I am pretty sure that it's true, because nature is a God's creation and He is a master of everything. It’s why nature looks very beautiful. It's the reason why some times designers or architects use a nature as their inspiration. A house which looks like a tree or a car which looks like a bug’s face. Art is not  about a painting or a statue but there are a lot of think to describe art but this point I consider art It’s our life. How we eat, how we sit, or how we sleep it’s an art. 

Like maybe how we eat I said it's an art, imagine art it’s something that nice to see so your table there is a plate with a cut of beef with a dark brown colour and a white rice so you will take a red apple or another brown beef ? So I think you should have to take the red apple so it is more nice to see than if you take other beef. Beside, it is nicer, more artistic and it is better for your health. So that's why we have to be artistic and we can learn it from nature. 

Now for close this article I will persuade you to learn from nature “ Let's be a better person, for us and for people around us, shall we?


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